Made in Fairfax - Summer Profile Series 2023

In the summer of 2023, Fairfax County featured profiles of local makers that highlighted the individuals behind the brands and their extraordinary work. Made in Fairfax is composed of more than 125 local makers, from custom cookies and cake pops to handmade jewelry and furniture, there's something for everyone that's made in Fairfax! Below are all the "Maker of the Week" profiles that were highlighted this summer.

Naoufal N. Guelzim, Head Chocolatier & Owner - Maison Noir Chocolatier

Naoufal started making chocolate as a hobby while he worked for the Department of Justice. He turned his hobby into a career after he decided to take on the challenge and pursue his passion full-time. His products are unique because he uses only sustainable dark chocolate, specializing in luxurious French chocolates, spreads, and confectionery. Maison Noir uses the finest, primarily organic ingredients, never artificial flavors.



Trupti More, Owner - Trupti’s Craft

Trupti stumbled into and fell in love with paper quilling in 2012. She jumped into the business officially in 2016 after self-teaching herself by reading books and watching YouTube videos related to quilling. She currently focuses on customized paper quilling frames, ornaments, cards, and notes, plus giant paper flowers for decoration.  Not only is she a talented artist, but she is also a gifted teacher. “Quilling is an exquisite art form that I don't want to keep to myself, so I decided to start teaching it. I find great joy in teaching kids and adults and witnessing the workings of their creative minds. It's fascinating to see how they explore and express their artistic abilities.”


Nicole Liberatore, Owner & Pastry Chef - Bisnonna Bakeshop

Bisnonna, which means “great-grandmother” in Italian, means that everything is made from scratch and by hand, just like nonna did. Pastry chef Nicole and co-owner Dominick Liberatore both have New Jersey roots and missed all the sweet treats they grew up on, so Bisnonna Bakeshop was born out of the Liberatore’s home kitchen. After winning the Tysons Corner Center “DreamStart” Competition in 2021, she opened their first brick-and-mortar for pre-orders and pop-ups in Fairfax.

Bisnonna’s energy is very much about connecting people to nostalgic food memories, and often their customers hail from places with large Italian neighborhoods, like Boston, Philly, or NYC, and are so excited to find the shop because they can get the same things they grew up on or that their moms used to make.

Andrew Rosado, Owner - Woodlawn Press Winery

Andrew started as a homebrewer making wine at home as a hobby. After separating from the Army, it took three miserable jobs before Andrew decided it was time to venture into winemaking. Andrew created a space where innovation blends with tradition to carefully craft red, white, and fruit/sweet wines.

Discover classic single varieties with a twist, such as his Bourbon Barrel Aged Malbec, and Andrew's favorite unconventional tastes like his PB&J Mead or Renegade Apples & Honey. From vine to barrel, Andrew is redefining what it means to create exceptional wines right in the heart of Northern Virginia. Get ready to sip, savor, and indulge Andrew's crafted wine flavors at Woodlawn Press Winery in South Alexandria.

Anna, Founder - The Shell Patch, LLC

Anna started The Shell Patch, LLC, back in February 2020 at the age of fourteen. Back then, she was busy creating seashell art for friends and family, along with hand-stitched hair ties and pillows. In 2021, she took jewelry-making classes and got hooked on making beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces, using the wire wrapping method primarily. She makes lovely statement pieces using semi-precious stones, glass, and other high-quality beads. Additionally, she expanded to more detailed seashell home décor and hand-painted canvas art. In November 2021, she incorporated her business into an LLC. 

Since January 2022, Anna has sold her pieces on Etsy has closed on 50 sales with 5-star reviews. She has attended close to 20 craft shows and events since 2021.

Luz Cueva-Ifill, Owner - Beedzxprss

Luz's products are unique, one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry inspired by modern and Andean Peruvian designs. At first, jewelry making was a hobby, usually for close friends, family, and herself. After some consideration and encouragement, she started designing more elaborate pieces to sell. From then on, her hobby became a small business. 

Luz is passionate about bringing her ideas into reality and creating unique pieces that give her a sense of pride. 


Radhika Murari, Owner - OmMade Peanut Butter

OmMade Peanut Butter uses Virginia peanuts and a few high-quality ingredients to make 12 flavors of naturally gluten-free vegan peanut butter. Their most popular flavors include Expresso Ecstasy, Chocolate Delight, Chai Nirvana, and Coconut Bliss. 

Radhika started making peanut butter for her son, and the business grew from this passion. She LOVES the look of sheer joy on people’s faces when they try OmMade Peanut Butter for the first time! Do you want to experience this nirvana? You are in luck. OmMade Peanut Butter is shipped all over the country.