Annandale Transportation Study

Fairfax County's Comprehensive Plan for the Annandale Community Business Center (CBC) outlines several objectives related to future development. The Comprehensive Plan recommends several significant transportation improvements that are envisioned to have a positive impact on the revitalization efforts in the Annandale CBC. This Annandale Transportation Study was conducted to analyze transportation system network alternatives, and to develop associated recommendations for a transportation system plan that handles local and through traffic in an efficient manner, while facilitating the community redevelopment and revitalization needs. Since the 1970’s, Fairfax County’s Comprehensive Plan for the Annandale CBC had included a future plan for a grade-separation of Ravensworth / Annandale and Backlick Roads over Little River Turnpike, and a widening of Little River Turnpike from four to six lanes through the Annandale CBC. Understanding the potential traffic and land use impacts of these improvements, the recent Annandale Community Business Center Circulation Study recommended that a one-way paired street system be added as an option to the Comprehensive Plan as a feasible alternative to the grade-separation, and that the possible need for a flyover at Annandale and Ravensworth Roads be studied. In 2006, the County updated the Transportation element of the Comprehensive Plan to allow for some additional potential roadway improvements pending additional analysis and study. Several subsequent studies have reinforced the need for a detailed study of a number of transportation network alternatives. This is the objective of the Annandale Transportation Study.