Lake Anne Economic Visioning Study

lake anneAn effort is underway to create an economic vision for the Lake Anne Commercial Revitalization Area. Hunter Mill District Supervisor Alcorn has initiated a study to form a consensus around an economic vision for the Lake Anne Community Revitalization Area. Both the Supervisor and county staff have no preconceived ideas about specific outcomes, but hope that it is a vision that combines an understanding of the local market with the interests of the Lake Anne community. The goal is to develop a market appropriate, aspirational economic vision that builds on the historic and unique characteristics of the Lake Anne area. 

Phase One of the Economic Visioning Study for the Lake Anne Commercial Revitalization Area (CRA) successfully concluded in the summer of 2023. This phase included a series of focus groups, an online survey, and several in-person workshops, conducted by the county and consultant StreetSense. The outcome of this community engagement is substantial alignment among community members on an economic vision that is both aspirational and grounded in market realities.

The Economic Visioning Study will enter Phase Two in August 2023, which includes an assessment of individual property owners’ interests and willingness to partner on implementing the vision. This phase is expected to take approximately three months. A series of one-on-one meetings will be scheduled with individual property owners soon. The findings of Phase Two will shape the scope of work for a potential third phase of the Economic Visioning Study, which would investigate the feasibility of implementing the various components contained in the vision plan.  Assuming funding is available, Phase Three of the study is anticipated to begin in the first quarter of 2024.

Community Engagement

Upcoming Events

None scheduled at this time.

Past Events

Lake Anne Final Vision Presentation 

On Thursday, June 8, 2022, Streetsense conducted the final visioning presentation for Lake Anne at the Reston Community Center Lake Anne.

Video Recording  |  Final Vision Presentation

Lake Anne Virtual Focus Groups

On February 9th and 10th of 2023, Streetsense successfully conducted four virtual focus groups with local residents, businesses, and institutional stakeholders from the Lake Anne community. Each focus group had fruitful discussions.

Discussion Highlights

Lake Anne Vision Workshop

A well-attended public workshop was held by Streetsense on Monday, April 10, 2023 at the Reston Community Center Lake Anne.

Workshop Summary

Lake Anne Vision Presentation

On the evening of Thursday May 18, 2023, Streetsense successfully conducted an in-person visioning presentation at the Reston Community Center Lake Anne.

Video Recording  |  Vision Presentation  |  Workshop Summary

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